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European platforms urge the EU to not recognise the elections in Honduras
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Asociación del Consejo Mundial de Iglesias relacionadas a Organizaciones de Desarrollo en Europa (autoría)
Federación Internacional de los Derechos Humanos (autoría)
Grupo Sur (apoya)
Iniciativa de Copenhague para Centroamérica y México (autoría; canal)

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4 de Diciembre de 2009
Press release, APRODEV, CIFCA, FIDH and Grupo SUR
Las night, the European civil society platforms APRODEV, CIFCA, FIDH and Grupo SUR sent an urgent message to the European Commission and to the Council of the EU in response to the Declaration by the Swedish Presidency on December 1 concerning the situation in Honduras after the elections on November 29, and in view of the upcoming meeting of the General Affairs and External Relations Council (GAERC) on December 8.

The platforms highlighted that the minimum conditions were not in place to carry out free, fair and transparent democratic elections on November 29 in Honduras. The elections were held under a de facto regime installed through a coup d´état on June 28, 2009, in a context plagued by serious and systematic human rights violations documented by international human rights organisations and institutions.

In their letter, the European platforms urge the Council of the European Union:
  • To reject and not recognize the elections carried out in Honduras on November 29.
  • To maintain the suspension of the European development cooperation with the Honduran government and increase the direct development cooperation to civil society, especially those working on governance and human rights issues.
  • To recommend to EU member states to continue and widen restrictions for the entry into the EU against representatives of the Honduran de facto government.
  • To suspend or maintain the suspension of any technical or otherwise support given to the Honduran Army and Police.
  • To remain vigilant concerning the human rights situation, especially with regards to the right to peaceful demonstration and freedom of the press.
  • To continue with the suspension of the negotiations of the Association Agreement with Central America until constitutional order has been restored.
  • To condition the reestablishment of any EU engagement with Honduras with:
    • the implementation of an inclusive and integrated national dialogue, which establishes clear and verifiable agreements for the return of democracy.
    • the establishment of a new social and political pact that allows rebuilding the institutional structures in the country.

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CIFCA ; Gloobalhoy nº20
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